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Mama said to knock you out pussywiper!

This is where your food goes...
...and the brown one, was your food before

The Cocksucker That I Am:
I want to show people how sexy I am for my body how sexy I am for my shirt and how an ordinary man like me actually moves around this so called...WORLD...which I don't call it a WORLD at all. I call it...a big 'ole SHITHOLE! and at the same time offer them a different kind of website, somethning like...horror, suspense, drama, t.v soap opera, action, pus and soy sauce, chocolate and salt,  boots and a pair of stockings, a porn star's pubic region style of shaved hairs, comedy and everything in between 'em rolled into one. Oh yes, you lucky sons of biatches!

My Favorites:

Favorite Band or Musician: LimpBizkit/Cheeky Girls/U2/Our Neighbor who sounds like a Bat!...and a lot more.
Favorite TV show: CSI/Smallville/Japanese porn on pay per view cable tv that you have to fine tune to see the titties.
Favorite movie: Forrest Gump/Kama Sutra 1&2/Lolita vol.2/Debutante Special Edition.
Favorite book: Kama Sutra/Biboy bombilya the full lenght pocket book.
Favorite sports team: Manchester United,New Jersey Nets.
Favorite food: Anything would do, as long as it's spoiled and rotten or as long as it stinks like my grandpa's socks in his Chuck Taylor shoes.

Things That I Do/Imagine When I'm Alone:

I like sports alot, and I also like things that usually starts with or ends with the letter "S", like sex, shit, shitholes, sleeping (with gays and women), chicks & homos, boobies, titties and last but not the least...asses.

Most Admired:

Pussies and Dungholes

Dude, don't hold it without disinfectant ready...
shit.jpg can lick it though

Whole lotta' shit here!

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These are my girlfirends...
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